Booking Rules in Detail

This is a guide on how to implement booking rules and how to understand the different fields available to you when creating booking rules.

What is a booking rule?

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Understanding the fields

Rule Summary

An internal field (only visible to you) that summarises the rule. This could for example be "Off Peak Rule" or "All Day Minimum Length". This is really just for you to remember what the rule does.

When should this rule be executed

You have 3 options:

  • All Day
  • Only during off-peak time
  • Only during peak time

The off-peak and peak times are based on your opening hours.

Please note: When selecting "All Day" for your first rule, you will only be able to add more "all day" rules to this booking option. If you want to have more control over off-peak and peak time then your first rule needs to be for "off-peak" or "peak"

Rule valid for (number days) ahead

You have control over how long in advance a rule is executed. For example, if you wanted musicians to only be able to book "peak time" on the day or one day in advance you would set this number to 1. That means, this rule will be executed on the day (0) and tomorrow (1). After that, if there are no more rules, peak time would be disabled completely.

This rule is hierarchal. That means, you could do something like this:

  • Rule 1: Execute 5 days a head
  • Rule 2: Execute 10 days ahead

Assuming, today is Monday, this rule would be executed on Monday (0), Tuesday (1), Wednesday (2), Thursday (3), Friday (4) and Saturday (5). After that, rule 2 would be executed for Sunday (6), Monday (7), Tuesday (8), Wednesday (9), Thursday (10). After that, the musician wouldn't be able to book.

Minimum Booking Length

You can control the minimum length a musician has to book. The default is set to one hour, however, you can define whether you want them to book at least two or three hours.

Force Customers to leave a minimum gap

If you're worried about musicians booking all over the place leaving you with a ton of 1 hour gaps that no one wants to fill you can activate this rule. What it does is simply forcing user to leave no gap or a minimum gap of x hours between existing bookings and their selection.

For example, if there was a booking from 1pm - 2pm and you set this option to "2 hours" they would not be able to start their booking at 3pm.

Predefine allowed start times

Sometimes you want to be able to fix the times a musician can start their booking on. This option allows you to do exactly that. This option is most powerful when you use it in conjunction with the minimum booking length.